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I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately.

- I assume most people have heard of Welcome to Night Vale at this point, but just in case: strange things happen in a strange town. The main romance is canon m/m. Great representation. Great music. Highly recommend.

- The Lost Cat is a podcast of surreal horror / fantasy set in a strange world. The narrator is trying to find his lost cat, and travels the dangerous world. The narrator has a wonderful voice, rich and sonorous. The creator has said that he was inspired by Night Vale, but I think the story has grown into its own creature. It's like British Night Vale that takes itself more seriously, with the same compassionate heart. There's a lot of body horror.

- The Black Tapes is about Alex, a reporter investigating the afterlife, and her relationship with Dr. Strand, a famous skeptic whose institute offers a million dollar prize for definitive proof of the paranormal. The protagonists have a Mulder/Skully relationship that warms my shipper heart. The podcast is creepy as hell; I'm pretty cynical about horror and I still have to listen to this in daylight. The downsides: the writing about paganism is pretty eyeroll-inducing, and there's some cheap ableism that unfortunately accompanies most horror.

- Limetown is a podcast about an investigative reporter looking into a town where the entire population disappeared overnight. Saying anything more would spoil the fun. Apparently it follows a format like Serial, which I've never listened to. This one is CREEPY AS BALLS, and it's great. It does contain animal harm in episode 3, but you can fast-forward to the last 5 minutes and follow the plot.

- Our Fair City is a radio drama about a post-apoc city ruled by a "benevolent" corporation. Despite that, the story is adorable, charming, and hilarious. I'm up to season 3, and there's 6 seasons in all.

I'm going to write a couple more rec posts for podcasts, I just didn't want to dump all of them on you at once. :D

Date: 2015-12-03 06:23 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for putting these all together; I was losing track of them on the email threads. :D


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