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... except it's Thursday. We had a snow day yesterday, does that count for much?

What I'm Reading
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, by Lois Macmaster Bujold. In which there is a marriage of convenience and intrigue and such. It's about what one would expect, in that it's entertaining reading and I'm enjoying it very much but it's not surprising material. I'm mostly loving the uneasy stepfather-stepson relationship between Ivan and former-spymaster Simon Illyan, both revolving around the strong neutron star of Ivan's mother Alys.

I'm also reading through Homestuck, which was at 5700 pages in January. So. That is a thing that is occurring.

What I Just Finished
I finished the Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews) series, except for the sidestory book about Andrea. Also Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand, featuring a character I should have adored (bisexual bipolar punk photographer!) but did not (with extra rape culture!) but that I ground my way through because the language was gorgeous.

What's Next
I'm starting the Kameron Hurley book God's War, about an ex-assassin trying to collect her bounty in the midst of an unending holy war in a desert dystopia. Next up after the Bujold book will be, I think, Hearts in Atlantis by King. That'll be a nice long book that's easily broken up by weekly episodes of Scalzi's book The Human Division.
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What I'm Reading
I'm getting many books finished since I joined an audiobook service, what with spending 2-3 hours/day getting to and from work. Right now I'm reading Falling Free (Lois McMaster Bujold), about an uprising in a genetically engineered work colony. IN SPACE. The narrator also did The Stand, so I'm half-expecting horrible death plagues to crop up. The book has an interesting concept but turns out to be just okay; you can definitely see the difference between the Bujold who wrote Mirror Dance and the one on display in Falling Free.

In non-audio version, I'm reading Magic Bleeds (Ilona Andrews), the fourth book in her urban fantasy series set in Atlanta. It's pretty bog-standard, independent free-thinking woman with a secret sparks against snarky mysterious shapeshifter with a heart of gold. What I love about these books, specifically, is that it's violent and bloody as hell. The protagonist kills to protect her people and she doesn't lose sleep over it. It's refreshing. It doesn't require much thought.

What I Just Finished
Magic Burns and Magic Strikes, the 2nd and 3rd Kate Daniels books. The first few chapters of The Human Division (John Scalzi), an episodic sci-fi story released by chapter over 13 weeks. I can snap most of the episodes up on my way to work. I love it when sci-fi talks about human/alien diplomacy and possible extinction events.

What's Next
A Voice in the Wilderness (Scalzi), which is the 4th chapter of the Human Division. I'd like to finally finish IT (Stephen King), which I've been working on since October but keep throwing over for the newest and shiniest thing. IT is a re-read, since I first read the book when I was the age of the protagonists-- 11 or 12-- and gained a lifelong terror of clowns. IDK. I'd like to finish IT so I can start something new and long to chew on.


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