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Title: Everlong
Pairing: Jeremy/Misha
Author: [personal profile] nilchance
Summary: In which there is porn.
A/N: Set in the future of That Middle Road, when Misha and Jeremy figure their shit out enough to sleep together. Thank you for looking this over and letting me know when Misha is apparently sucking his own dick, [personal profile] poisontaster. You are awesome.

Jeremy talks a lot in bed. Misha is unsurprised. Jeremy talks a lot in general, but when he's vulnerable he does it more. He flings up a shield of words so that nobody can see how he feels. They have that in common, although Misha speaks with his hands instead.

Still, Misha likes it best when Jeremy runs out of words. Like now.

Jeremy is sprawled on his back, Misha's fingers in him and Misha's mouth on him. Misha already wrung an orgasm out of him once, took the edge off, made him ask for Misha's cock. Made him loose-limbed and trembling before starting in on him again. They have time.

Misha kisses the head of Jeremy’s dick, open-mouthed, a filthy slick noise to match the noises of his fingers fucking him. Jeremy takes a hitching breath, his thighs tensing where Misha shoulders them wide.

Nobody gets to see Jeremy like this. Only him, only his. Misha leaves marks on him anyway, one just where Jeremy's shirt won't hide. Jeremy gave Misha a public collar; Misha returns the favor. Jeremy's hair can hide his, but it's the principle of the thing.

Which reminds him. Misha leaves off licking him to turn and bite the inside of Jeremy's thigh. Jeremy lifts his head to look at him, and Misha shows his teeth. Jeremy groans and drops his head back, the long tendons of his neck standing out.

Misha grinds his own dick against the bed, semi-voluntary. Jeremy must feel it, because he grits out, "Would you just fuck me already?"

So much for quiet. Also not very polite. Misha feels a wash of love for him, this ridiculous boy, his boy. He crooks his fingers, riding Jeremy's prostate. More precome slicks out of him, and Misha moves to lap it up.

"Oh god. You." Jeremy drags a breath, whines it back out. "Please. I'm fucking close, I want to come on your dick, please..."

Misha shudders. With a last dirty grind of his fingers, he slides them out. He untangles their limbs, wincing a little as his knee objects, and flops down beside Jeremy.

You're so good, Misha signs. So pretty. I'm gonna give you what you need.

Jeremy stares at him, pupils blown, and lunges across to kiss him. Misha eats his mouth, knotting his fingers in Jeremy's hair and tugging hard. When they break apart, they're both panting.

"I love you," Jeremy blurts, as Misha is signing mine.

They grin stupidly at each other.

Misha tells him, I'm going to give you what you need. Roll over for me.

Jeremy does so, quick enough to make Misha chuff a laugh. He wishes he could whisper in his ear that he's a cock hungry slut, that he's so good. Sometimes Misha still grieves for things that he can't give Jeremy.

He has to settle for slapping Jeremy’s hip hard enough to redden it. Then he curls up against Jeremy's back, spreads him open, and fucks into him. They both moan as Misha slides in.

Jeremy is still open from the fingering, lube and spit slick. He's always tight. So good. Misha buries his nose in Jeremy's curls, flexing his fingers on his hip. Jeremy tries to grind back into him, and Misha digs his nails in. Misha isn't used to the hot clutch of him yet, and it brings him shudderingly close every time.

Finally he can move, and he does, a long leisurely thrust. He doesn't expect Jeremy to cry out when he's fully inside, but God, that sound shakes him. He meant to take his time, but he can't, not with Jeremy shaking in his arms like this.

"Please," Jeremy says, voice wrecked. "Please, please..."

He strokes a soothing hand down Jeremy's side. He would wrap his fingers around Jeremy's cock, but Jeremy likes to come, says that makes it better. So he curls his hand around Jeremy's throat instead. He doesn't put any pressure on, but Jeremy tips his head back to give Misha more. The noise he makes--

Misha mouths the words he can't speak as he fucks Jeremy hard, harder. So sweet. So good for me. Keeping you, gonna give you whatever you want, mine, my love.

The position doesn't give much leverage, but Jeremy almost fucks himself. Jeremy pants, reaching back to pull Misha closer, taking it. Misha bites his lip, trying to give Jeremy this, until Jeremy tenses and whimpers and comes.

Misha fucks him through it, losing the rhythm, losing control entirely. Jeremy clutches at him with both hands, resting one on top of Misha's to keep him on his throat, gripping tighter as Misha comes.

They lay there in a tangle. Carefully, Misha uncurls his toes. Funny how he never thought that was a real thing. He aches all over, but it's worth every bit. He wants to murmur sweet nothings in Jeremy's ear, but hopefully kissing Jeremy's neck over and over conveys some of his adoration.

Slowly, Jeremy relaxes the hand pressing Misha's to his throat. Misha keeps it resting there anyway. Jeremy will squirm if he wants loose.

"Wow," Jeremy sighs finally. "Uh. Was it good for you?"

Misha dissolves into laughter, until Jeremy detaches himself to kiss him quiet again.

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From: [personal profile] arliss
Oh! More of That Middle Road. An unexpected present, thank you!


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