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Two dogs saved this weekend, bringing our grand total to 17. 17 dogs saved from the gas chamber in South Carolina, delivered to their rescues and new homes by plenty of people who give up their weekends for driving long nights and scrubbing the dog smell out of their upholstery. It's enough to restore a cynic's faith in humanity, and yet never enough.

Saturday was Brandon, a 3 month lab puppy with red mange. He chewed himself up with anxiety while he was in the shelter. Spent most of the drive curled up in a miserable little ball. When we tried to give him treats to distract him, he nursed on a biscuit and then belched. He went to a woman who had several freaking heart attacks in JANUARY and yet keeps her home open to special needs dogs. (And cats. And kids.)

Sunday was this baby, a three-legged pitbull named Maxine. When we got her, her My suspicions are that she was force-bred too many times, but she showed no signs of trauma. She was a Velcro dog. An absolute dollbaby. Smushed against my side the entire time, drowned me with kisses and wagged all over herself. Unfortunately, we were given the false impression that she was dog aggressive, and so when we arrived at our destination (outside a dog park, of all places) she began whining and trying to greet people. I thought she was trying to EAT people. This was not Maxine's fault. She's apparently used as a temperament dog, the measuring stick other dogs are compared to! She's an angel. She just had humans making human errors.

My dog fear, the one I thought I'd gotten over, cropped up. When Maxine began barking and making frustrated "but I wants to meet the peoples!" noises, I had to get out of the car and go hyperventilate. I was not calm assertive; I was not in control. I left T with her. I'm still ashamed of that, though of course T told me I was fine and she understood, but... I'm a bit shaken up. I misread that situation like crazy; I made the mistake of a flaky pet owner who flinches from pitbulls but lets their chihuahua chew on their fingers and growl at their kids. IDK. I'm hesitant to say "yes, let's do transports for this person again!" when they gave us a) false info and b) a pitbull they thought was aggressive, without first exercising her and tiring her out before shoving her in a car for 8 hours. If she WAS aggressive, that was an irresponsible move on their part. Also, I need to go read about 20 more books on dog behavior before I try to pat myself on the back. Otherwise I'll sprain something.

Anyway. Maxine and Brandon are love. If you have some extra cash, please donate to the cost of Maxine's leg operation! Then her owner can make Bionic Woman noises when Maxine hops off the couch.


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